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“Laurie Sherman is a superb strategic thinker and tactical executioner who will be a boon to individuals and organizations seeking to tap her wisdoms. In her five years at Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center, Laurie built and managed strong teams that dramatically increased the reach, budget and effectiveness of our work."


Arthur “Sandy” McGinnes

Trustee Emeritus and former Board Chair, Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center


“Laurie has such passion for the work, such passion for kids and families, that it drives her to get as much done in a single day as most of us will take a week to accomplish.


I had the privilege of serving with Laurie on the planning for the citywide achievement gap prevention plan.  She corralled 60 or so organizations to work together, including mine.  (Often she would reach out to me to work on a project and I would say I don’t have enough time. And before I knew it, I found the time!)


She is always the voice at the table that says two things, kindly and firmly: 1) Here is what we have accomplished, and 2) Here is what we still have to do – and here’s why."


~ Wayne Ysaguirre, former President and CEO

Nurtury (formerly Associated Early Care and Education)


"Laurie is an exceptional leader and mentor who creates a great culture within her teams. I had the good fortune of working for Laurie for almost two years at Thompson Island Outward Bound. During that time, she was an incredibly supportive coach, often helping me think through challenging scenarios. Laurie has tremendous capacity to both plan at a highly strategic level and dig into operational details that are essential to bringing a vision to fruition. She has enormous passion for her work and it shows!"

~ Jennifer Novak

Director of Communications and Marketing

Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center



"I want to share how deeply Laurie has impacted different communities. I am a former teen parent who now advocates for others. We know that every year 500 teens in Boston give birth. Laurie invited me onto her TV show to share my story. But then she brought me back to the show to talk about other issues that aren’t about parenting young, such as breastfeeding, or being a team with your child’s other parent even if you are no longer a couple. Other people have asked me to speak as a former teen parent, but no one else has brought me back, built on my experience, and kept in such close contact."


~ Natasha Vianna, freelance marketing consultant,

former Communications Manager

Massachusetts Alliance on Teen Pregnancy

"Laurie landed the million dollar investment that put a project called Thrive in 5 on the map. She knew how to navigate a relationship with a national funder who was initially reticent to invest in this part of the country. She has vision and endurance. I am struck by the fact that Laurie has created legacy initiatives, those that live on and are being replicated in other parts of the country. The other thing I appreciate about Laurie is she is a lifelong learner, always open to new ideas, never satisfied with the status quo."


~ Peg Sprague, former Senior Vice President

United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley

"Laurie has a unique ability to synthesize and integrate issues related to health, human services and education.  This is why our organization (and many others) found it so valuable to collaborate with her in the Mayor's Office,  as we worked with our partners to support Boston families. She then went on to become a donor to us, and then a team leader in our annual 100-mile fundraising bike ride - for the past ten years!"


             ~ Matthew LiPuma, Executive Director

                  Family Nurturing Center of Massachusetts

"To me, Laurie exemplifies what we need in a leader - a true collaborator. I worked with Laurie on a unique State/City partnership that other places have tried to copy, to recruit foster parents to keep foster kids from Boston in Boston. She really wanted to understand the system, so she went through the training herself to be a foster parent, and helped re-design the curriculum, then became a foster care case reviewer, as a volunteer.  And now she is a friend."


~ Joy Cochran, Director of Foster Care Support Services

Massachusetts Department of Children and Families

"An unusually creative person, Sherman is not afraid to think big and bold, and I am inspired by the way she pulls talented people together to accomplish a shared vision."


~ Cheng Imm Tan, Founding Director

Mayor's Office of New Bostonians

"Laurie identified challenges facing children and families, then developed some of our city's best initiatives -- such as Countdown to Kindergarten and the Parenting in Action TV show. She created the public-private partnerships to fund and sustain that work. Her passion and commitment never ceased to impress me, especially her ability to help all of us understand what it might look like not solely to close the academic achievement gap in our schools, but to prevent it, through new ways of working with young people, families and communities before kids enter school in the first place." 


~ Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino




Laurie Sherman

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