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Parenting In Action (PIA) 
Television Talk Show

Parenting In Action came about after years of conversations with parents from many cultures and socio-economic backgrounds, all of whom suffered from the loss of the village of yesteryear, when parenting was less isolating.  With her talented co-host Mireille Louis (a mother from Haiti), Laurie created an informational and yet light-hearted weekly cable TV talk show, aired in English and Spanish.


She then recruited funders who stepped up to put the strongest 19 episodes on a 7-disc DVD series, with a discussion guide, provided free for Head Start sites, health centers, homeless family shelters, and other settings where parents can learn together. 


Continuing to support and bring together parents -- in order to stabilize and enrich their lives, and thus provide children with the best possible foundation -- remains a top programmatic and policy priority for Laurie.

Education Initiatives

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Laurie's work to advance PUBLIC EDUCATION -- striving for equity and excellence -- includes experience supporting teachers and administrators (in marketing and community engagement) and students (through communications workshops); citywide programmatic work (engaging families not to forego the public schools solely based on old perceptions, without investigating); and policy (from strengthening early education to creating new opportunities for parent engagement). 
Pcitured here are materials from an important communications initiative (Y/BPS) now incorporated into the Boston Public Schools; an education blog Laurie created with a team of 6 others; the nationally replicated Countdown to Kindergarten program that she co-founded, to transition children and families into the public schools; and photos from the course designed for both college students and 5th graders: "Becoming A Persuasive Public Speaker."
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The publications Laurie has written or co-authored represent what can happen when people from diverse sectors come together for a common -- and measurable -- goal, such as defining the ingredients to ensure at-risk children arrive in kindergarten as ready as their middle-income peers.  She has had the privilege of facilitating 100 Boston leaders (65 professionals and 35 parent leaders) to craft the THE BOSTON SCHOOL READINESS ROADMAP, and to collect data enabling the creation of A DECADE OF TRANSFORMING THE BOSTON PUBLIC SCHOOLS and other publications, along with crafting successful multi-million-dollar grant proposals, guest editorials, briefings, and press releases. A lifelong writer, in graduate school Laurie aided Masters and PhD candidates with their dissertations.  

Check out her new book CHASING SOCIAL JUSTICE: How Do we Advance the Work that Matters Most?